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If you are on a nine-handed table with blinds of 100-200 and 25 ante, you should divide your stack by 525 to calculate M. Also if your table is short-handed, the blinds come around faster and you should Compensate for this. If there are only five players in your table your working M is actually half of your real M.

Also, keep in mind the “Q” factor, which is the size of your stack relative to the middle stack. If your stack is twice the middle stack your Q = 2. If you have a low but high Q, most of your opponents have a lower M than you do, So although things look scary, you may be able to sit back and wait for opponents to make desperate moves and get knocked out, pushing you into the money.


M Tips uses

As soon as you lose a pot or the blinds go up you will be out of the green zone unless you win a pot. This will put you in the “yellow zone,” between the value of 10 and 20 rounds of blinds. Here you want to be very selective about the hands you play. You should look to take down the uncontested pots, push your big hands, and kick your trouble hands.

You do not have a huge amount of flexibility for error in the yellow zone. If you have fallen down between 5 and 10 rounds of blinds, You are in the “orange zone”. Here you are looking for an opportunity to get all your chips in with the best of it and to fold up. You have enough chips that you can afford to expect a top hand, but when you get it, no cheating around. Get all those chips in your and try to fold up or grab the blinds and antes.


Finally, 5 blinds or less is the “dreaded red zone”. Your stack is in life support and you need to get the chips in and try to fold up as soon as possible before your stack is meaningless. No site left to play poker. Generally any ace or pair is sufficient for a move in this situation if no one has raised the pot in front of you.






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